Making Beginner Class Fun • Spórt is spraoi leis na bunranganna!

Top 5 class themes

These themes are great in class or on zoom, young dancers enjoy sharing their creativity.

  1. Wear a ‘touch’ of green
  2. Myths and legends dress-up
  3. Silly sock week
  4. Disney dress-up
  5. Football week

Fun music for beginners

Mixing your playlist with popular songs, engages young dancer’s by

connecting their favourite movies and stories with their love of dance.

  1. Winnie the Pooh – Friends Forever Album
    (Your friendship is) the best present ever You’ve Got a Friend
  2. The Wiggles
    Let’s have a Ceili
    Let’s Irish Dance Dicki Do Dum
    St Patrick’s Day
    Garden of Daisies
    The Gypsy Rover

Easy Irish words for beginners

Inject Irish culture into your class with these easy Irish words for beginners.

Hello teacher                Dia dhuit a mhúinteoir – dea guitch ah moon-chore

Good-bye                     Slàn – slaayn

Please                         Le do thoil – le do hull

Thank you                    Go raibh maith agat – go rev mah agut

Reel                             Cor – cor

Light Jig                       Port Eadrom – port eah drum

Single Jig                     Port Singil – port singil

Slip Jig                         Port Luascadh – port luas ka

Zoom activities

Activities to add to your zoom class with young dancers.

  1. Meet your favourite toy
  2. Trace their turned-out feet on paper and draw their shoes and socks
  3. Spell your name with your body warm-up
  4. Learning to move clockwise with a clock activity sheet