Notes from CLRG • Nótaí ón gCoimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha

CLRG Updates & News!

While the world has been social distancing from home for the past twelve weeks, ongoing work and meetings have been going on behind the scene in the dance world.  CLRG and other National & Regional bodies continue to meet, via ZOOM, to ensure that all the obstacles facing Irish Dance are being addressed, and putting plans in place to move forward as restrictions world-wide are reduced, and the “new norm” is developing. 

CLRG created an International Advisory Committee, made up of CLRG members worldwide, to investigate ways to help the Irish Dance Community can access resources; communicate with one another and create opportunities to keep our passions thriving during unprecedented times. 

This new information source “” is one of many aspects of the International Workgroup that has been approved…. And clearly moving forward!

This section serves as a method to let the World of An Comisiun Irish Dancing know that there are actions taking place behind the scenes. 

May 9th

At the most recent CLRG meetings, Worlds 2021 were discussed and the ramifications of the cancellation of the 2020 Worlds, and the potential cancellations of regional qualifiers in the fall of 2020.  For the parents/students of this dance world, representatives can appreciate the anxiety this brings and what that is doing for the motivation and mental health of our dancers.  There are discussions regarding how to handle qualification for the 2021 Worlds; how to qualify for the Under 11 category; how to deal with regions that are permitted to have a qualifier vs regions that cannot. 

The CLRG created an International Work Group that consists of 75+ representatives from regions throughout the world.  This group is investigating on-line resources for teachers and dancers, and the overall communication between CLRG members, teachers and the parent/student community.

Look for continued updates from CLRG meeting, the International Committee and news from the incredible dance world that An Coimisiun represents!  

May 22nd

In order to better serve the dancers who are attempting their grade exams in an efficient time span, CLRG made significant changes to the exam application process. 

In the past, dancers could sit only three grades at a time, with a three month gap before attempting the next set of exams.  This proved difficult for many who were not in  regional areas where opportunities were plenty.  As a result, dancers may sit grades 1 through 6 at one sitting.  While is serves as a temporary measure, it will continue until further notice.

With regards to that, one grade examiner will be permitted to grade all six exam at that sitting.  The organizing body of the exams would not have to ensure two different grade examiners, thus making the opportunity more viable for the organizers and applicant.

The final change to the grade exam opportunity now allows organizers to choose a regional grade examiner for Grades 1 through 6, again making the exam opportunity more accessible for organizers and applicants. 

The Udaras has given permission for an organizer to choose from a Regional Rota for grades 7-10. Since an organizer can have any examiner they choose for grades 1-6, the Regional Rota would not apply. 

Look for additional information on opportunities for Grade Examinations available in the near future. 

June 9th

As the World is starting to move forward, at varying paces, CLRG is looking at the long term planning of the All Ireland and World Championships.

The syllabus for the All Ireland 2021 will be published shortly.  The organizing committee is considering a caveat for social distancing, which will likely be in place.  If this is the case during the All Ireland, it may result in fewer rounds for dancers.  There are many factors to consider, all being considered in each dancer’s best interest.
More details will follow on this.