Timetable for Beginners • Clár Ama do Thosnaitheoirí

In these uncertain times, parents may be struggling to keep a routine going. They might be running out of ideas of how to keep their children engaged. This article may be useful to you.

There has been research that mental health is improved when we have structure and routine. With the difficulty with the pandemic, we’re all out of routine which has made it easier for us to switch off in many cases.

Here is an example of a Timetable which was put together by one of our schools. It is a word document which means that the teacher or parents can change it to suit their needs and routine. Feel free to play with it and hopefully it helps. There are some links to training videos within the template.

Follow the download link and you will be able to download this example, You could then print it and put it on the fridge, or you could keep an electronic copy of it somewhere so that you can follow the links to the YouTube tutorials.