Irish Dancing in Mexico

“Irish dancing in Mexico started in 2001 with one group of young adults in their twenties and another group of “moms” that found in Irish dance a way to stay fit and do some fun exercise.

Ten years after, in 2011, Mexico participated for the very first time in a National competition, with only two ladies.

A lot of things happened after that, younger kids competed in Anaheim in 2013 and by 2015 there were over 10 Mexicans trying their best in Providence.

In 2016, a Mexican guy got 4th, the first podium for Mexico. In 2017 was the first time a female dancer got a recall.

This year, even after 16 months of a world pandemic, 17 Mexican dancers traveled to Phoenix to compete in the US National Championships. Not only there were many recalls, a Mexican dancer got 1st place for the first time in the history.

Mexico has six TCRGs and two ADCRGs, and the numbers will definitely grow as soon as there are new exams opened.

20 years of Irish dancing sound like a long way, but for Mexicans it hasn’t been an easy road. In addition to the 3 annual local feisanna in the country, Mexican dancers have to fly every time they want to compete or participate in workshops. As everything in the Irish dancing world is sold either in dollars or euros, Mexicans have to save a lot of extra money to cover not only the shipping but also the exchange rate.

In spite of the challenges, Mexican dancers have a great attitude and always find ways to make the best of the amazing Irish dance world.”

Myriam Patino ADCRG

(Thanks to Diego Delgado for helping to get the information together)